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Make Interstate Moving Easy

Make Interstate Moving Easy and Stress-Free With Interstate Movers

Are you thinking about moving interstate? According to the 2016 census, up to half of the Australian population relocated in the previous five years. People between the ages of 20 and 29 move the most, with one group moving every 12 months and the other every 5 years.


Many of these figures are attributed to interstate relocation. Queensland was the most popular state to relocate to, with nearly 80,000 Australians moving interstate to the Sunshine State in the year before the census. With around 70,000 people moving to Victoria, Victoria was another popular state for new residents. Then, about 75,000 Australian residents relocated to NSW from other states.


Interstate Movers offers interstate removalist services with trucks located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Canberra. We help people moving interstate several times per week and we take pride in making the process as stress-free as possible for our clients. We offer our popular eco-friendly moving boxes. One of the reasons we continue to be the top interstate removalists is because of our highly experienced staff and quality packaging material.


Checklist for Interstate Moving


Moving interstate can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to begin. Who is the most reputable interstate removalist? And how much does an interstate removalist costs? Aside from the complexities of hiring interstate removalists, packing boxes, and organizing dates, there are minor details like changing postal addresses, shutting gas, electricity, and water services, and so much more. Moving interstate does not have to be unpleasant; with a little preparation and planning, the process will go much more smoothly. Creating a checklist can simplify everything and save you a lot of time. A checklist allows you to prioritize the most critical items and ensure that nothing is overlooked.


Here’s what you need to know about interstate moving.




Being more planned can make your move less stressful. There are several tasks you can do before the timeframe to keep things in order. The following is a list of tasks you should complete ahead of time.


  • Check the user manuals of your appliances, such as the washing machine, refrigerator, and microwave, to determine how to remove and pack them while relocating.


  • Select all unnecessary furniture and other items, and dispose of, sell, or donate them. If you have children, you can arrange for a babysitting service or family member to look after them while you pack and prepare to move. 
  • If you have a dog, book a boarding service the day before your move if it will make things easier. And then collect them while on the move. 
  • Remove any fittings or permanent fixtures that you are going to take with you. Take apart any disassemblable furniture, such as display cabinets and computer desks. Do not delay till the day before.




It’s time to start planning how you’ll pack. If you live in a leased home, you may need to hire professional cleaners to clean your property. Make a cleaning plan/schedule yourself for a deep clean in the weeks preceding up to the day. You may also schedule a carpet steam cleaner vacuum or company for after the house has been completely emptied. What packing supplies do you need? Labels to correctly mark all items Bubble wrap is used to protect fragile items.




1-2 weeks before the moving date, you must be extremely prepared and on top of everything. Start packing rarely used items. Consider disassembling furniture or objects you rarely use.


Start the cleaning process or appoint cleaners to begin cleaning your home, particularly if you plan to rent it or if you are a renter. Plan so that you may connect your utilities on the day you move into your new house. And notify disconnect dates to current providers Prepare so that mail can be redirected to the new address.




On this day, things can get overwhelming if proper preparations are not made. All your preparations should be completed. If you have packed all of your belongings in boxes, label each box so the moving company can collect them. The final cleaning should be conducted. Remove all leftover food from the refrigerator and cabinets. If you have arranged for a moving company to transport your vehicle, ensure that it is prepared for pickup. Keep your paperwork and other valuables with you at all times.



Finally the day you have been planning for is. The last thing you want is to forget something! You must now walk the movers through your home and give them instructions. Turn off all electrical switches and taps. Clean and arrange your home, or get someone to do it for you. In addition, if you are looking for a new home, you should consider purchasing a new home with a garage. 


Finally, double-check that you haven’t forgotten anything. If you’re planning an interstate move, remaining organized is the best way to keep things simple. All you need is a checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything. Most importantly, hire a reputable interstate removalist, such as Interstate Movers Australia. We help people move all over Australia.

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