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How Much Does It Cost to Moving from Melbourne to Sydney?

Many people don’t relocate across states very often, so they’re unaware of the charges or how much they’ll have to pay. To assist you, we’ve provided an estimate of how much it will cost to relocate from one city to another across the country. Other charges that you may not have considered are also included on this list. They are items that you will most likely require when you relocate across the country.

The most important aspect of moving across the country is determining how much money you will need. If you read this blog, we will certainly provide you with a precise calculation of how much it will cost to move depending on your specific possessions and needs.

How much does moving from Melbourne to Sydney costs?

It is challenging to relocate to a new state without incurring expenses, especially over state lines.

During the relocation process, we do everything we can to ease our customers’ stress and provide them with a comprehensive answer. The average cost per cubic meter to move from Melbourne to Sydney is between $100 and $120. Based on the thousands of transfers we’ve completed for customers over the past 12 years.

Keep in mind that these are just general guidelines and that your real expenses will vary depending on factors such as the quantity and quality of your furniture. However, with these numbers in hand, you’ll be able to get a handle on how much money you’ll need to spend on your relocation.


Services that are offered by Interstate Removalists

Unpacking and Packaging Services

Interstate Removalists can assist with the packing and unpacking process. To help you get moved into your new home quickly and efficiently, they will carefully pack and unpack all of your stuff.


Transportation Services

Interstate Removalists will safely transport your belongings from Melbourne to Sydney, utilizing only the best in moving technology and equipment. We ensure to get your possessions at your relocation place safely and securely.


Storage Services

Your belongings can be stored in a secure facility that maintains a consistent temperature and humidity until you are ready to collect them. This service is offered by interstate removalists if your new residence is too small to accommodate all of your belongings or if you need some time to get settled in.


Insurance Coverage

When you get the insurance for your full-service move, you safeguard not just your belongings but also the movers.

If you have the correct form of insurance, it will cover any damages that occur during the relocation.


Getting Prepared for an Interstate Move

Moving out of state is a stressful experience for everyone. It not only requires the investment of time and resources but also lots of effort and determination. If you hire the incorrect interstate movers, you could end up wasting time and money. Before making a big move, it’s a good idea to learn as much as possible about movers.


A checklist of easy ways to save time and money is provided. 


Some examples are as follows:

Before committing to an interstate moving firm, you should first calculate how much money you have for the relocation.

Be sure that the area you’ll be relocating to is convenient for getting around by doing some reconnaissance work.


Preparing a packing strategy is essential

  •  You need to get started on your suitcase immediately.
  • To make the appropriate moves, please.
  • Remember to learn as much as possible about your new hometown before relocating there.



Are you thinking about relocating and also concerned about the costs of moving from Melbourne to Sydney? Interstate Movers doesn’t have any hidden fees and guarantees to provide top-notch interstate moving services without a hitch. Our professional movers are always ready to serve you as they are fully equipped with the knowledge and appropriate tools to make your interstate move at ease.

Get in touch with our friendly customer support to get a  free quote on your interstate relocation and also to find out how much it will cost.

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